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Disease relevance of Arterivirus


High impact information on Arterivirus


Biological context of Arterivirus


Gene context of Arterivirus

  • Alternative proteolytic processing of the arterivirus replicase ORF1a polyprotein: evidence that NSP2 acts as a cofactor for the NSP4 serine protease [2].
  • Thus, contribution to the formation of a membrane-bound scaffold for the viral replication-transcription complex appears to be an important novel function for the arterivirus ORF1a replicase polyprotein [11].
  • Autoantibodies against golgi apparatus induced by arteriviruses [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Arterivirus

  • Sequence alignments and protein secondary structure prediction data suggest the presence of a 3C-like serine protease domain with similarity to the arterivirus 3C-like serine protease and a single papain-like cysteine protease domain with similarity to the picornavirus leader protease [13].


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