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Cervical Plexus

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Disease relevance of Cervical Plexus


High impact information on Cervical Plexus


Biological context of Cervical Plexus

  • STUDY OBJECTIVE: To investigate the efficacy and kinetics of bupivacaine when used for deep cervical plexus block (CPB), using either a single-injection or multiple-injections technique [6].

Anatomical context of Cervical Plexus


Associations of Cervical Plexus with chemical compounds


Gene context of Cervical Plexus

  • We describe a new technique for achieving a deep cervical plexus block using a portable vascular access ultrasound scanner (Site-Rite II, Bard Access Systems, Pittsburgh, PA) [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cervical Plexus


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