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Leg Bones

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High impact information on Leg Bones

  • The vitamin B-6 antimetabolite 4-deoxypyridoxine, when injected into 13-day chick embryos, has the effect of increasing the amount of collagen solubilized from the leg bones by buffered saline solutions, 24 h after the injection [1].
  • The soleus, a slow muscle composed predominantly of type I fibers, expresses low ATPase activity and contains much lower levels of ski mRNA. mRNA from the ski transgene is also expressed at high levels in the osteocytes of the leg bones of 15-day and older transgenic mice [2].
  • METHODS: BMCs were isolated from minipig leg bones, treated with 5-azacytidine (10 microM) for 24 h, cultured for 7 days and labeled with a fluoroscopic dye (DIL) [3].
  • Microbial phytase in finisher diets of White Pekin ducks: effects on growth performance, plasma phosphorus concentration, and leg bone characteristics [4].
  • Leg bone pain syndrome due to cyclosporine in a renal transplant patient [5].

Anatomical context of Leg Bones

  • By 18 h, the accumulation maxima in the major tissues were: leg bones, 20% for Ga+3 (67Ga label) in estradiol-treated males; liver, 51% for Al+3 (26Al label) in control males; kidneys, 32% for In+3 (114mIn label) in estradiol-treated males; and growing oocytes plus ova, 37% for In [6].

Associations of Leg Bones with chemical compounds

  • Dual energy gadolinium-153 photonabsorptiometry was used to measure distal leg bone loss at a skeletal segment distant from the fracture to exclude callus formation [7].
  • Among leg bones examined, femur strength was improved by 16% in birds fed 2,000 ppm of ascorbic acid (Experiment 2) [8].

Gene context of Leg Bones

  • In an attempt to increase the relative amount of leg bone, a subline (FL) was developed by mass selection for increased shank width at 16 weeks of age from a long-term growth-selected line of turkeys (F) [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Leg Bones


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