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Genes, bcl-1

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Disease relevance of Genes, bcl-1


High impact information on Genes, bcl-1

  • Specifically, 15 samples (from 14 patients) of CD5-expressing B-cell NHLs with detectable bcl-1 gene rearrangement were included [1].
  • The bcl-1 gene maps to chromosome 11q13 and has recently been shown to be a member of the cyclin gene family [6].
  • No abnormalities were detected in the c-myc and bcl-1 genes, but two of 17 patients were found to have N-ras mutations by differential oligonucleotide hybridization and dideoxynucleotide sequencing following amplification by polymerase chain reaction [7].
  • Addition of exogenous erythropoietin to tumor cell lines expressing erythropoietin receptor increased nuclear DNA binding activity of nuclear factor kappa B and increased the expression of the antiapoptotic genes bcl-1, bcl-xL, and mcl-1 [8].
  • We have demonstrated that MTC bcl-1 gene rearrangements can be amplified from formalin-fixed tissue [9].

Anatomical context of Genes, bcl-1


Gene context of Genes, bcl-1

  • To address this question, we have studied amplification of c-myc, HER2/neu and int-2/bcl-1 genes in a series of 1052 collected human breast tumours [11].


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