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Data Compression

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High impact information on Data Compression

  • Comparisons with other methods [MAR, SMAR, adaptive JPEG (AJPEG)] on a series of test images show that our method is suitable for reversible medical image compression [1].
  • This paper presents a method for MR image compression using iterated function systems based on fractal models [2].
  • The accuracy of the data compression method is validated with line-by-line-calculated absorption data of carbon monoxide and water vapor [3].
  • OBJECTIVE: To determine if Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPG or JPEG) compression, a glossy image compression algorithm, negatively affects the accuracy of diagnosis in telepathology [4].
  • Reduction of the amount of data can be accomplished with image compression, in particular MPEG-1 (Moving Pictures Expert Group), which is designed for dynamic image sequences [5].

Anatomical context of Data Compression


Associations of Data Compression with chemical compounds

  • The direct data compression techniques are: ECG differential pulse code modulation and entropy coding, AZTEC, Turning-point, CORTES, Fan and SAPA algorithms, peak-picking, and cycle-to-cycle compression methods [7].
  • Compression data from different size fractions of lactose, chloroquine diphosphate, stearic acid and calcium carbonate have been analysed using the Walker and the Heckel compression equations [8].
  • Set dimension and set entropy, which are measures of the information content per cell, are related to the fractal nature of the automaton [S. Wolfram, Physica D 10, 1 (1989); Theory and Application of Cellular Automata, edited by S. Wolfram (World Scientific, Philadelphia, 1986)] and have practical implications for data compression [9].

Gene context of Data Compression

  • RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: The authors' purpose was to assess the effects of Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) image data compression on the performance of computer-assisted detection (CAD) schemes for the detection of masses and microcalcification clusters on digitized mammograms [10].
  • The large volumes of digital image data from radiological examinations demand further research and practical solutions in image compression before PACS solutions in large radiological departments are plausible [11].
  • Medical image compression by sampling DCT coefficients [12].
  • The fabricated digital recorder used an 8 bit CPU with the function of data compression and was capable of operating in real time at a sampling rate of 200 Hz [13].
  • The OTLPF convention can also be incorporated into the JPEG 2000 image compression algorithm using extensions defined in Part 2 of this standard [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Data Compression

  • With the accepted use of (lossy) data compression at low compression factors (2, 3 and 4 on the Philips DCI), the question was posed whether higher lossy compression ratios can also be used without statistically affecting the results of quantitative coronary arteriography [15].


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