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Disease relevance of Angiography


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Chemical compound and disease context of Angiography


Biological context of Angiography


Anatomical context of Angiography


Associations of Angiography with chemical compounds

  • PURPOSE: We re-established a formerly identified cohort of neurological patients receiving injections of Thorotrast for cerebral arteriography and assessed their incidence of cancer [27].
  • 21 digital fluorescein and indocyanine-green angiographies were obtained from 11 adult patients, and 77 angiograms were obtained from age-matched controls [28].
  • Patency of the graft was demonstrated by technetium scan and arteriography and followed by a color-coded Doppler imaging system [29].
  • 348 patients (82%) underwent repeat arteriography 3 years later; 282 (134 nifedipine, 148 placebo) had received treatment throughout, but treatment had been stopped in 39 nifedipine-treated and 27 placebo-treated patients after average periods of 354 and 467 days [1].
  • STUDY OBJECTIVE: To determine whether estrogen replacement therapy affects the prevalence of severely obstructive coronary arterial lesions defined by selective coronary arteriography [30].

Gene context of Angiography

  • Coronary arteriography was performed 90 min and 24 h after the start of t-PA [31].
  • Major gene evidence after MTHFR-segregation analysis of serum homocysteine in families of patients undergoing coronary arteriography [32].
  • In this patient, the celiac trunk was occluded at its root and the splenic and left gastric artery could be visualized serially via the enlarged collateral artery on superior mesenteric arteriography [33].
  • MR images (n = 22), CT during arterial portography (n = 20), and CT hepatic arteriography (n = 17) were retrospectively correlated quantitatively and qualitatively with VEGF expression in HCCs and in the surrounding liver assessed by western blotting [34].
  • An efficient protocol for the evaluation of hypertensive cases included renal arteriography, suppression and stimulation of the renin-aldosterone system, and, when indicated, renal venous renin measurements [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Angiography


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