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Forensic Pathology

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Disease relevance of Forensic Pathology


High impact information on Forensic Pathology

  • From the viewpoint of a forensic pathology application, the present study showed that Ub is suitable as a marker of wound age determination [4].
  • Our findings suggest that research concerning titanium pigment within body tissues should be enhanced, considering the potential contribution of this morphologic data to forensic pathology [5].
  • Ethanol concentrations were measured in femoral venous blood in deaths attributed to acute alcohol poisoning (N = 693) or chronic alcoholism (N = 825), according to the forensic pathology report [6].
  • Interrupted aortic arch with ventricular septal defect: an unsuspected fatal congenital anomaly in forensic pathology [7].
  • The Department of Forensic Medicine (forensic pathology and clinical forensic medicine), Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark, performs examinations of children suspected to have been sexually abused when reported to and requested by the police in Jutland, Denmark [8].

Associations of Forensic Pathology with chemical compounds


Gene context of Forensic Pathology

  • For many years, the Department of Aviation and Forensic Pathology of the RAF Institute of Pathology and Tropical Medicine has assisted in the medical investigation of fatal military and civil aircraft accidents, both in the U.K. and overseas [11].


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