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History, Modern 1601-

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  • Cannabinoids in pain management. Cannabinoid receptor agonists will soon find their place in modern medicine [15].
  • The Decade of the Brain has brought recognition of the contributions neurological surgery has made to modern medicine, and neurological surgery training programs are a cornerstone of these achievements [16].
  • In Part 1 of this three-part series, an overview of how antimicrobials, the "silver bullets" of modern medicine, are designed to target specific agents of infection was given [17].
  • Although PID is the most preventable cause of tubal damage, PID and PID-related sequelae remain one of the most neglected areas in modern medicine [18].
  • INTRODUCTION: Congenital vascular malformations (CVM) still remain one of the most difficult diagnostic and therapeutic enigmas in modern medicine due to its extremely variable clinical presentation ranging from asymptomatic birthmarks to life threatening conditions [19].


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