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Gene Review

C8orf4  -  chromosome 8 open reading frame 4

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: TC-1, TC1, Thyroid cancer protein 1, Uncharacterized protein C8orf4, hTC-1
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Disease relevance of C8orf4


Psychiatry related information on C8orf4

  • The differences seen between these and other published results may be related to differences in radiation doses to the thyroid, latency period between time of radiation exposure and development of clinically apparent thyroid cancer, and ethnic background of the study populations [5].
  • Age at which smoking commenced, duration of smoking, number of cigarettes smoked per day, pack-years of smoking and alcohol consumption were not associated with altered thyroid cancer risk [6].
  • Our findings suggest that thyroid cancer prevention via dietary modification of soy and/or phytoestrogen intake in other forms may be possible but warrants further research at this time [7].
  • These findings suggest that LCs may play an important role in the immunologic defense mechanisms of the host against the tumor only in the papillary type of thyroid cancer [8].
  • CONCLUSIONS: These results provide some initial support for the hypothesis that physical activity may reduce risk of thyroid cancer [9].

High impact information on C8orf4


Chemical compound and disease context of C8orf4


Biological context of C8orf4


Anatomical context of C8orf4


Associations of C8orf4 with chemical compounds

  • We show that the protein can be phosphorylated by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase and protein kinase C, and the activity of both of these kinases is up-regulated when cells are stably transfected with TC-1 [21].
  • BACKGROUND: To detect recurrent disease in patients who have had differentiated thyroid cancer, periodic withdrawal of thyroid hormone therapy may be required to raise serum thyrotropin concentrations to stimulate thyroid tissue so that radioiodine (iodine-131) scanning can be performed [12].
  • Thyroid hormone treatment had no effect on the rate of thyroid cancer [25].
  • [18F]Fluorodeoxyglucose PET is also useful in some endocrine tumors, particularly in recurrent or metastatic thyroid cancer where the degree of accumulation of the radionuclide has prognostic value [26].
  • METHODS: The Swedish Cancer Registry and the Uppsala-Orebro Regional Cancer Registry were used to identify persons with papillary or follicular thyroid cancer diagnosed from January 1, 1980, through December 31, 1992, among residents of the Uppsala Health Care Region [27].

Physical interactions of C8orf4


Regulatory relationships of C8orf4

  • TC1 (C8orf4) enhances the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway by relieving antagonistic activity of Chibby [29].
  • These analyses highlighted C8orf4 as induced by TGF beta in colon cells [2].
  • PTEN expression is reduced in a subset of sporadic thyroid carcinomas: evidence that PTEN-growth suppressing activity in thyroid cancer cells mediated by p27kip1 [30].
  • Because thyroid cancer cells express functional TSH receptors (TSHR), TSHR-mRNA in peripheral blood might serve as a tissue-/cancer-specific marker [31].
  • We hypothesized that signaling via the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) stimulates thyroid cancer cell invasion by altering the expression and cleavage of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) [32].

Other interactions of C8orf4


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of C8orf4


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