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Thoracic Vertebrae

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High impact information on Thoracic Vertebrae

  • Cdx2-null embryos die before gastrulation, and Cdx2 heterozygotes display anterior transformations of lower cervical and thoracic vertebrae [1].
  • Cdx1 null mutants show anterior homeosis of upper cervical and thoracic vertebrae [1].
  • The majority of disagreement between the two methods resulted from different classification of mild wedge and endplate deformities and the poor visualization of upper thoracic vertebrae on the XA scans [2].
  • One hundred and eleven elective patients had two paravertebral catheters inserted: one either side of the midline within 2.5 cm of the spinous process of the third or fourth thoracic vertebrae, through which a mixture of ropivacaine and fentanyl was infused during and after surgery [3].
  • Placement of pedicle screws in the thoracic spine. Part I: Morphometric analysis of the thoracic vertebrae [4].

Anatomical context of Thoracic Vertebrae

  • In both dogs plain radiography of the vertebral column revealed a solitary mineralised lesion on the dorsal laminae between the dorsal spines of the second and third thoracic vertebrae, and myelography with iopamidol demonstrated cord compression at the level of the lesions [5].
  • Deformity of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae and ribs and dilatation of the renal pelvis were predominantly found in fetuses of dams treated with DBP on day 9 [6].
  • An autogeneous bone graft, taken from the right ilium (1.5 x 1.5 x 3 cm in size), was implanted between the first and third thoracic vertebrae, and a spinal titanium alloy plate was used to increase fixation between the first and third thoracic vertebrae from the front [7].

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Gene context of Thoracic Vertebrae


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