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Schistosomiasis mansoni

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Disease relevance of Schistosomiasis mansoni

  • Using an in vitro model of granuloma formation, we have shown that immune complexes (IC) isolated from sera of chronic intestinal schistosomiasis patients were able to reduce granulomatous reaction developed against soluble egg antigen-conjugated polyacrylamide beads [1].
  • Since involvement of IL-1 beta in the pathogenesis of severe granulomatous lesions could not be ruled out, 17 patients with intestinal schistosomiasis and 17 patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis were matched for intensity of infection and monitored 3-6 months after praziquantel therapy [2].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Schistosomiasis mansoni


Gene context of Schistosomiasis mansoni

  • After anti-schistosomal therapy with praziquantel, mitogen-induced IL-2 and IFN-gamma activities became normal within 3 months in intestinal schistosomiasis, and within 6 months in the hepatosplenic patient group [12].
  • Three months after therapy, IL-1 beta was detectable in serum in an increased proportion of intestinal schistosomiasis patients [2].
  • The paper discusses the implications of these findings for efforts to promote regular treatment with praziquantel of people living in or near the Nile Delta who are at risk for intestinal schistosomiasis [13].


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