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Genes, rev

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  • Mutation of the rev initiation codon (tat+ rev-) and (tat-rev-) resulted in no detectable expression of env products but expression of these proteins could be rescued by co-transfection of a cDNA encoding the rev gene [4].
  • Nuclear run-on assays revealed an approximately 10-fold increase in the transcriptional rate of the Rev gene during cycloheximide treatment [5].
  • The cycloheximide-induced increase in Rev gene expression was due to inhibition of protein synthesis since anisomycin caused a similar induction of Rev mRNA [5].
  • We hypothesize that this may be causally related to the accumulation of Rev mRNA (or the nascent Rev gene transcript), which could inhibit splicing to alpha 2 by hybridizing to complementary sequences, favoring alpha 1 mRNA production [5].
  • In addition, we show that the SIV rev gene is properly spliced from a single SIV subgenomic DNA fragment and that the Rev protein is expressed in recombinant Ad-SIV-infected human as well as monkey cells [6].

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Gene context of Genes, rev

  • Using the rev gene of HIV as a model target, RNase protection assays and cell-free translation arrest showed that the PNA-OX26-SA conjugate maintained active recognition and inactivation of target mRNA, respectively [8].
  • To define the effect of the SIV rev gene on its gp160 expression, two SV40 constructs have been made: pBC17 is a rev+env+ construct, and pBD21 is a rev-env+ construct [9].


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