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Gene Review

HIV2gp6  -  rev protein

Human immunodeficiency virus 2

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Disease relevance of HIV2gp6


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Chemical compound and disease context of HIV2gp6

  • The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 rev protein binds with high affinity (Kd less than 1-3 nM) to a purine-rich "bubble" containing bulged GG and GUA residues on either side of a double-helical RNA stem-loop located toward the 5' end of rev-response element RNA [9].
  • Specific crosslinking was demonstrated between the Rev protein of HIV-1 (as a glutathione S-transferase fusion protein) and its RNA target, the Rev-responsive element [10].
  • It therefore appears that the Rev protein of EIAV, while analogous in function to Rev proteins defined in lentiviruses of primate, ovine, and caprine origin, is nevertheless distinguished by an entirely novel domain organization [11].
  • Evaluation of stilbene-containing RNA RBE sequences of varying length for their ability to bind the Rev protein of HIV-1 showed that a 22-nucleotide stilbenedicarboxamide conjugate bound Rev almost as well as a 94-base fragment of the Rev Responsive Element (RRE) [12].
  • This leucine-rich stretch of amino acids proved to be essential for the transactivating properties of HIV-1 Rev. Some mutants in the AD transdominantly inhibit the function of wild-type Rev protein very efficiently [13].

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