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Gene Review

ENPEP  -  glutamyl aminopeptidase (aminopeptidase A)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AP-A, APA, Aminopeptidase A, CD249, Differentiation antigen gp160, ...
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Disease relevance of ENPEP


Psychiatry related information on ENPEP

  • This paper examines existing statutes and the APA resource document, considers the variety of ways in which the goals of reform can be achieved, and recommends approaches that balance desires for public safety with the legitimate needs and concerns of the mental health professions [6].
  • Concerns about APA questionnaire on personality disorders [7].
  • Comments on the APA Panic Disorder Guideline. American Psychiatric Association [8].
  • Pathological gambling was officially defined as a psychiatric illness by APA in 1980 [9].
  • IgG to gp160 and to four peptides (gp41 immunodominant DI domain, gp41/Id; EDLKWA epitope of DIII domain, gp41/K; gp120 C-terminus, gp120/Ct; V3 loop, gp120/V3) were evaluated in all samples [10].

High impact information on ENPEP


Chemical compound and disease context of ENPEP


Biological context of ENPEP


Anatomical context of ENPEP

  • The APA was strongly immunolocalized in pericytes [19].
  • Enzymatic assays on human RCC cell lines indicated a 100% concordance between APA activity and gp160 expression [2].
  • The gp160 cDNA possesses 78% homology to the murine BP-1/6C3 antigen, a B-lymphocyte differentiation protein that exhibits aminopeptidase A (APA; EC activity [2].
  • Immunohistochemical staining in high-grade CIN and SCC tissues showed that APA was strongly expressed at the edge of lesions adjacent to cervical stromal cells [18].
  • Furthermore, APA expression and enzymatic activity were enhanced by addition of the conditioned medium (CM) from fibroblast culture, but not by heat-treated CM [18].

Associations of ENPEP with chemical compounds

  • These data indicate that the gp160 human kidney/RCC glycoprotein is human APA [2].
  • HIgher concentrations (1-10 microM) of aldosterone (ALD) stimulated APA activity to a lesser extent (x 1.25) [20].
  • APA activity was calcium-dependent and was inhibited by amastatin [20].
  • Treatment of HGECs by dexamethasone (DEX) increased ecto-APA activity in a dose- and time-dependent manner [20].
  • These results suggested the importance of tumor-stromal interaction for the regulation of APA expression in the microenvironment of cervical carcinoma and the potential role for this peptidase in regulating tumor invasion through inactivation of Ang II activity [18].

Physical interactions of ENPEP

  • In cells expressing recombinant human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) envelope glycoprotein, gp160 bound transiently to calreticulin with a peak at 10 min after its synthesis [21].
  • Here we show that CD4 binding to gp120 induces the formation and/or exposure of the gp41 HR1 coiled coil in a process that does not involve gp120 shedding and that depends on the proteolytic maturation of the gp160 envelope glycoprotein precursor [22].
  • The gp120 and gp160 specifically recognize the C-terminal heparin-binding domain of Fn (Fn-CTHBD) with a calculated KD of 2.8 x 10(-7) M for gp160 [23].
  • There was, however, a temporal association between CD4 down-modulation and the accumulation of intracellular HIV-1 gp 160/120; in addition, intracellular CD4-gp 160 complexes were identifiable in OM-10.1 cell lysates at time points following TNF-alpha induction after surface CD4 was no longer detectable [24].
  • These results provide supporting evidence that envelope-specific, complement-activating antibodies induced by infection or gp160 immunization can target HIV-1 immune complexes to CR1 [25].

Regulatory relationships of ENPEP


Other interactions of ENPEP


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ENPEP


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