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Child Abuse, Sexual

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  • OBJECTIVE: This paper reports data testing two alternative hypotheses: (1) the relationship between child sexual abuse and subsequent parenting attitudes and behaviors is a function of the third variable, growing up experiences other than CSA; and (2) maternal depression mediates the relationship between CSA and the same parenting variables [2].

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  • METHOD: The Challenge Project assessed all 80 convicted perpetrators of child sexual abuse in S.E. London over a 2-year period, and followed them up 1 and 2 years later [8].
  • The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome described by Summit (1983) seems to be infrequent among the types of cases seen by child protection agencies [9].
  • Child sexual abuse. Ultimate in maltreatment syndrome [10].
  • In 1997, 52 child victims of sexual abuse were examined at Oporto Institute of Forensic Medicine. The authors analysed the data concerning these cases in an attempt to contribute to the elucidation of child sexual abuse, particularly in the north of Portugal [11].

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