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Chemical Compound Review

Toluidine Blue     (7-amino-8-methyl- phenothiazin-3-ylidene)...

Synonyms: Tolonium, Blutene, Gabilin, Menodin, Tolazul, ...
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  • To assess whether a recently developed indirect immunofluorescent stain using monoclonal antibodies was more sensitive than Giemsa or toluidine blue O stains in detecting P. carinii in sputum, we undertook two prospective studies [10].
  • Tolonium chloride (toluidine blue) application is useful for identifying malignant changes in squamous mucosa [1].
  • By week 9, the cells had matured into hMCs, identified by higher levels of c-kit, continued expression of CD13 and low-level FcinRIalpha, uniform toluidine blue metachromasia, and uniform immunoreactivity for both tryptase and chymase [11].
  • Of the nonadherent cells, 93 +/- 1% contained cyanide-resistant peroxidase, and 88 +/- 2% were toluidine blue-positive, characteristic of eosinophil and basophil granules, respectively [12].
  • The cultured basophil-like cells had lobulated or round nuclei, and the cytoplasmic granules stained metachromatically with toluidine blue and azurophilic with Giemsa [13].

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