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Paragonimus westermani: a cytosolic glutathione S-transferase of a sigma-class in adult stage.

We purified cytosolic glutathione S-transferase (GST) of adult Paragonimus westermani monitoring its activity with 1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene (CDNB). The enzyme was purified 18.4-fold to electrophoretic homogeneity with 21% recovery rate through a three-step procedure. The purified enzyme (Pw28GST) has a subunit molecular weight of 28 kDa with an isoelectric point at 4. 6. Monoclonal antibody (anti-Pw28GST) against Pw28GST did not cross-react with GSTs from other helminths. cDNA library was constructed in lambdaZAP II bacteriophage and screened with anti-Pw28GST. The corresponding gene containing a single open reading frame of 804 bp encoded 211 amino acids. The predicted amino acid sequence exhibited a higher homology with catalytic domain near N-terminus of class sigma GSTs (58%) than with schistosome 28-kDa GSTs (45-41%) or with class sigma GSTs themselves (33-31%). The sequence contained both Tyr-6 and Tyr-10 that are highly conserved in mammalian and helminth GSTs. The apparent K(m) value of a recombinant enzyme was 0.78 mM. Both native and recombinant enzymes showed the highest activity against CDNB, relatively weak activity against ethacrynic acid and reactive carbonyls, and no activity against epoxy-3-(p-nitrophenoxy)-propane. The activities were inhibited by bromosulfophthalein, cibacron blue, and albendazole, but not by praziquantel. These findings indicate that adult P. westermani has a class sigma GST.[1]


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