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AAR1/TUP1 protein, with a structure similar to that of the beta subunit of G proteins, is required for a1-alpha 2 and alpha 2 repression in cell type control of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

We have cloned a DNA fragment complementing the aar1 mutation defective in the a1-alpha 2 repression of the alpha 1 cistron and haploid-specific genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nucleotide sequence and mapping data indicated that the AAR1 gene is identical with TUP1, which is allelic to the SFL2, FLK1, CYC9, UMR7, AMM1, and AER2 genes, whose mutations are known to confer a variety of phenotypes, such as thymidine uptake, flocculation, insensitivity to glucose repression, a defect in UV-induced mutagenesis, and a defect in ARS plasmid maintenance. The TUP1/AER2 protein is known to have significant similarity with the beta subunits of G proteins in the C-terminal half, in two glutamine-rich domains in the N-terminal half, and in a central region rich in serine and threonine residues. Disruption of the chromosomal AAR1 gene in alpha and a/alpha cells conferred the nonmating phenotype, and the a/alpha diploids could not sporulate. The AAR1/TUP1 gene is transcribed into a 2.5-kb mRNA independently of the mating-type information of the cell. These observations and mRNA analysis of cell-type-specific genes indicated that the AAR1/TUP1 protein is also indispensable for a1-alpha 2 repression of RME1 and for alpha 2 repression of a-specific genes.[1]


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