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Escherichia coli K-12 envelope proteins specifically required for ferrienterobactin uptake.

Escherichia coli genes specifically required for transport of iron by the siderophore enterobactin are designated fep. The studies reported here were initiated to identify and localize the fepB product. The plasmid pCP111, which consisted of an 11-kilobase E. coli DNA fragment containing fepB ligated to pACYC184, was constructed. The fepB gene was subcloned; in the process, complementation tests and Tn5 mutagenesis results provided evidence for the existence of a new fep gene, fepC. The order of the transport genes in the ent gene cluster is as follows: fepA fes entF fepC fepB entE. Minicell, maxicell, and in vitro DNA-directed protein synthesizing systems were used to identify the fepB and fepC products. The fepC polypeptide was 30,500 daltons in standard sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels. The fepB gene was responsible for the appearance of three or four bands (their apparent molecular weights ranged from 31,500 to 36,500) in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels, depending on the gel system employed. The largest of these was tentatively designated proFepB, since it apparently had a leader sequence. Localization experiments showed that FepC was a membrane constituent and that mature FepB was present in the periplasm. An additional polypeptide (X) was also encoded by the bacterial DNA of pCP111, but its relationship to iron transport is unknown. The results indicated that ferrienterobactin uptake is mediated by a periplasmic transport system and that genes coding for outer membrane (fepA), periplasmic ( fepB), and cytoplasmic membrane (fepC) components have now been identified.[1]


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