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Visualization techniques in the nasal airway: their role in the diagnosis of upper airway disease and measurement of therapeutic response.

Flexible fiberoptic rhinopharyngolaryngoscopy permits the examination of most areas of the upper airway that heretofore have not been easily visualized with other available techniques. Use of the flexible fiberscope is safe, convenient, quick, and cost efficient. Abnormalities can be easily seen relating to the septum, turbinates, and mucosa, as well as the nasopharynx, adenoids, eustachian orifice, tonsils, posterior tongue, epiglottis, glottis, and vocal cords. The origin of nasal polyps can also be identified. Furthermore, effects of treatment can be followed with the fiberscope as well. For example, when flunisolide is given to a patient with allergic rhinitis, the reduction of nasal obstruction and edema can be easily visualized.[1]


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