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Purification and characterization of 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase I from Escherichia coli.

We have purified 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase I from Escherichia coli to apparent physical homogeneity. The enzyme preparation produced a single band of Mr 22,500 upon sodium dodecyl sulphate/polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in good agreement with the molecular weight deduced from the nucleotide sequence of the tag gene (Steinum, A.-L. and Seeberg, E. (1986) Nucl. Acids Res. 14, 3763-3772). HPLC confirmed that the only detectable alkylation product released from (3H)dimethyl sulphate treated DNA was 3-methyladenine. The DNA glycosylase activity showed a broad pH optimum between 6 and 8.5, and no activity below pH 5 and above pH 10. MgSO4, CaCl2 and MnCl2 stimulated enzyme activity, whereas ZnSO4 and FeCl3 inhibited the enzyme at 2 mM concentration. The enzyme was stimulated by caffeine, adenine and 3-methylguanine, and inhibited by p-hydroxymercuribenzoate, N-ethylmaleimide and 3-methyladenine. The enzyme showed no detectable endonuclease activity on native, depurinated or alkylated plasmid DNA. However, apurinic sites were introduced in alkylated DNA as judged from the strand breaks formed by mixtures of the tag enzyme and the bacteriophage T4 denV enzyme which has apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease activity. It was calculated that wild-type E. coli contains approximately 200 molecules per cell of 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase I.[1]


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