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Effects of estrogen on food intake, body weight, and temperature of male and female obese mice.

Estradiol benzoate (EB) treatment of male and female C57BL/6J ob/ ob mice for 32 days led to decreased body weight (20%), percentage body fat (8%) and carcass protein content (12%) when compared with non-EB-treated obese control mice. Estradiol reduced the caloric intakes of both genders by 25-35%, but did not affect body temperature regulation. Circulating glucose and insulin concentrations were also lowered by estrogens, although hyperinsulinemia persisted. Since post-treatment body weight changes correlated with daily food intakes (r = 0.81) rather than to rectal temperatures (r = -0.19), it appears that hypophagia provided a greater contribution to the estrogen-mediated reductions of growth and carcass fat than did altered energy expenditure for thermoregulation. While these data show that EB treatment does reduce the severity of some metabolic disturbances in a genetic model of type II diabetes, long-term estrogens do not appear to offer substantial advantages in the treatment of obesity or diabetes when compared with the effects of caloric restriction alone.[1]


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