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Models, Genetic

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  • Our study identifies a paradoxical protective role for Mmp8 in cancer and provides a genetic model to evaluate the molecular basis of gender differences in cancer susceptibility [11].
  • Mice lacking Cdc25b provide the first genetic model for studying the mechanisms regulating prophase arrest in vertebrates [12].
  • We propose a genetic model for the interaction of the Ah and hr loci, to account for the differential response to TCDD observed in the skin of HRS/J hr/hr and hr/+ mice [13].
  • Genetic models of junctional plasticity and genetic manipulations using the translation initiation factors eIF4E and poly(A)-binding protein showed an increased occurrence of subsynaptic translation aggregates [14].
  • Here, we show that a second vitamin, myo-inositol, is capable of significantly reducing the incidence of spinal NTDs in curly tail mice, a genetic model of folate-resistant NTDs [15].

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Associations of Models, Genetic with chemical compounds

  • Genetic model fitting was performed to estimate the magnitude and correlation of genetic and environmental contributions to lifetime nicotine and alcohol dependence [31].
  • Segregation of H and Se is compatible with the genetic model proposing that Se and H are closely linked structural genes, and the analysis of the present and previously published Bombay pedigrees strongly supports this model [32].
  • As juvenile hormone is an insect sesquiterpenoid related to retinoic acid, these results establish a new genetic model for studying organ looping and demonstrate an evolutionarily conserved role for terpenoids in this process [33].
  • Reversible impairment of glucose-induced insulin secretion in SHR/N-cp rats. Genetic model of type II diabetes [34].
  • These studies establish a means to evaluate mechanisms and consequences of integrin affinity modulation in a tractable model genetic system [35].

Gene context of Models, Genetic

  • The genetic and molecular characterization of Drosophila filamin provides the first genetic model system for the analysis of filamin function and regulation during development [36].
  • This study establishes the first genetic model for CDH and identifies a previously unsuspected role for Slit3 in regulating the development of the diaphragm [37].
  • Linkage to candidate genes COL9A1, COL9A2, and COL11A2 was tested and excluded for both genetic models in this family [38].
  • Thus, despite only modest changes in IGF and IGFBP concentrations, the Igfbp5-overexpressing mice displayed a phenotype more extreme than that observed for other Igfbp genetic models [39].
  • Under our genetic model, we estimate the probability that this woman carries a BRCA1 mutation to be 94% [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Models, Genetic


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