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Epitopes of human immunodeficiency virus regulatory proteins tat, nef and rev are expressed in skin in atopic dermatitis.

We extend our previous documentation that epitopes of HIV regulatory proteins tat, rev, and nef are expressed in tissue from uninfected individuals by the immunohistochemical analysis of normal skin (n = 10) and skin in some selected inflammatory dermatoses including urticaria (n = 6), systemic lupus erythematosus (n = 6), and atopic dermatitis (affected skin, n = 10, and after epicutaneous patch test for allergens, n = 8). A rabbit antibody to HIV-2 tat did not show immunolabeling of skin. Blood vessel endothelium was immunolabeled by one of two antibodies applied to HIV-1 tat, by an antibody to HIV-1 rev, and by two antibodies to HIV-1 nef. In addition one of the anti-nef antibodies labeled Langerhans cells. The anti-rev antibody labeled Langerhans cells and melanocytes in the epidermis, and dendritic cells in the dermis. The labeling of these skin components did not differ in prevalence between controls and groups of dermatosis. For other components, diseased skin conditions especially atopic dermatitis showed additional labeling. In affected skin, keratinocytes were labeled by antibodies to rev and one of two antibodies to nef. Skin after epicutaneous allergen patch testing also showed a statistically significantly increased prevalence of immunolabeling of dendritic cells and Langerhans cells by one of the anti-tat antibodies. We conclude that skin components show expression of epitopes recognized by antibodies to HIV-1 tat, rev, and nef; this expression is more extensive in atopic dermatitis than in normal skin, and can be further increased after epicutaneous allergen patch testing.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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