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Successful management of visceral Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome with the antifibrinolytic agent tranexamic acid (cyclocapron): a case report.

Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome (KTWS) is a rare, congenital disorder characterized by vascular nevus formation, deep venous thrombosis, varicosities, and hypertrophy of affected tissues. A patient with known thrombosis of his splanchnic circulation and visceral KTWS presented with life-threatening hemorrhage from rectosigmoid varices. Portosystemic shunting was not feasible. Endoscopic sclerosis, variceal ligation, and proctocolectomy were not possible due to the size and number of the varices. Previous treatment with epsilon-aminocaproic acid had been unsuccessful and complicated by thrombophlebitis. Conservative treatment with blood transfusions, cryoprecipitate, fresh frozen plasma, vitamin K, propanolol, and somatostatin analog failed to stop the bleeding. The patient was given the antifibrinolytic agent, tranexamic acid, with cessation of his hemorrhage. Serial thromboelastograms confirmed improved reaction time, coagulation time, clot formation rate, and maximum amplitude. We conclude that tranexamic acid may be a useful adjunct in the medical treatment of high-risk patients with KTWS and other vascular nevi complicated by coagulopathy.[1]


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