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Advillin ( p92): a new member of the gelsolin/villin family of actin regulatory proteins.

A new member of the gelsolin/villin family of actin regulatory proteins was initially identified by screening an adult murine brain cDNA library with a probe for bovine adseverin. The predicted amino acid sequence of the 92 kDa murine protein p92 ( advillin) is 75% homologous to villin and 65% homologous to gelsolin and adseverin. It shares a six domain structure with other gelsolin family members and has a carboxy-terminal headpiece, similar to, yet distinct from, villin. Northern blot analysis shows a high level of mRNA expression in murine uterus and human intestine. In situ mRNA analysis of adult murine tissues demonstrates that the message is most highly expressed in the endometrium of the uterus, the intestinal lining, and at the surface of the tongue. In murine embryonic development, strong expression of the message is observed by day 14.5 in dorsal root ganglia and trigeminal ganglia. Expression is also noted at day 16.5 in cerebral cortex. We propose that p92 ( advillin) has unique functions in the morphogenesis of neuronal cells which form ganglia, and that it may compensate to explain the near normal phenotype observed in villin-deficient mice.[1]


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