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Chemical Compound Review

Somsanit     sodium 4-hydroxybutanoate

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Disease relevance of Sodium oxybate


Psychiatry related information on Sodium oxybate

  • Newer compounds, such as modafinil (non-amphetamine wake-promoting compound for excessive daytime sleepiness) and sodium oxybate (short-acting sedative for fragmented nighttime sleep, cataplexy, excessive daytime sleepiness), are increasingly used [5].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Nocturnal administration of sodium oxybate in patients with narcolepsy produces significant improvements in sleep architecture, which coincide with significant improvements in daytime functioning [6].
  • RESULTS: The nightly administration of sodium oxybate produced dose-related increases in slow-wave sleep and delta power, rapid eye movement sleep increased initially and then decreased in a dose-related manner, nocturnal awakenings decreased, and daytime sleep latency increased [6].
  • The effect of sodium oxybate was measured using nocturnal polysomnograms, the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, the Maintenance of Wakefulness Test, and a narcolepsy symptoms questionnaire [6].
  • Comment on "The abrupt cessation of therapeutically administered sodium oxybate (GHB) may cause withdrawal symptoms" [7].

High impact information on Sodium oxybate


Chemical compound and disease context of Sodium oxybate


Biological context of Sodium oxybate


Associations of Sodium oxybate with other chemical compounds

  • GHB levels were measured by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in urine collected over 24 h from 16 adults administered single doses of 50 mg/kg GHB (Xyrem) alone and combined with 0.6 g/kg ethanol [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sodium oxybate


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