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Chemical Compound Review

DAMPP     N-(1-morpholin-4-yl-3-phenyl- butan-2...

Synonyms: PDMP, RV-538, AC1L3FVK, AR-1K3467, LS-177033, ...
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Disease relevance of N-(1-morpholin-4-yl-3-phenyl-butan-2-yl)decanamide


High impact information on N-(1-morpholin-4-yl-3-phenyl-butan-2-yl)decanamide


Biological context of N-(1-morpholin-4-yl-3-phenyl-butan-2-yl)decanamide


Anatomical context of N-(1-morpholin-4-yl-3-phenyl-butan-2-yl)decanamide


Gene context of N-(1-morpholin-4-yl-3-phenyl-butan-2-yl)decanamide


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