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Chemical Compound Review

alpha-Ctx-imi     (3S)-4-[(2S)-2-[[(1S)-1- [[(1S)-1-[[(1S)-1...

Synonyms: Conotoxin IMI, alpha-CTX IMI, CHEMBL500076, CTX IMI, AC1L3206, ...
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High impact information on alpha-Ctx-imi


Biological context of alpha-Ctx-imi

  • Several lines of evidence revealed that the inhibitory effect of alpha-conotoxin-ImI was competitive with respect to the agonist (IC50 approximately 85 nM) and reversible by washing [5].

Anatomical context of alpha-Ctx-imi


Associations of alpha-Ctx-imi with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of alpha-Ctx-imi

  • In the present study, the patch-clamp technique was applied to rat hippocampal neurons or myoballs in culture to study the actions of alpha-conotoxin-ImI on the native alpha-bungarotoxin-sensitive, presumably alpha 7-bearing, neuronal nicotinic receptor and on other ligand-gated channels [5].


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