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Chemical Compound Review

CGS-8515     methyl 2-[(3,4-dioxonaphthalen-1...

Synonyms: ACMC-1C4N1, AG-J-90901, SureCN3273068, AC1L4TWI, AC1Q5ZBK, ...
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Disease relevance of CGS 8515

  • 5. We conclude that leukotrienes have a major role in guinea-pig cardiac anaphylaxis, and that CGS 8515 has a cardio-protective action [1].
  • BW755c, CGS-8515, and FPL-55712 all prevented an otherwise significant fall in VF threshold during coronary occlusion (p less than 0.01) independent of an effect on effective refractory period, heart rate, or blood pressure [2].
  • The cyclooxygenase inhibitor aspirin (50 mg kg-1) and the dual cyclooxygenase/lipoxygenase inhibitor BW 755C (0.25-10.0 mg kg-1) were found to produce a significant protection against the arrhythmias, whereas aspirin (100 mg kg-1) and CGS 8515 were found to be ineffective [3].

High impact information on CGS 8515


Biological context of CGS 8515

  • 1. CGS 8515 selectively inhibited 5-LO (IC50 = 0.1 microM) with negligible effect on CO, 12-LO, 15-LO and TxS at concentrations up to 100 microM [8].

Anatomical context of CGS 8515

  • 4. CGS 8515, at oral doses as low as 5 mg/kg, significantly suppressed exudate volume and leukocyte migration in the carrageenan-induced pleurisy and sponge models in the rat [8].

Gene context of CGS 8515


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CGS 8515


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