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Chemical Compound Review

CYCLIC CMP     4-amino-1-[(1S,6R,8R,9R)-3,9- dihydroxy-3...

Synonyms: CHEMBL72442, SureCN1331888, Cyclic CMP, 7, CHEBI:17065, AC1L2DQL, ...
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Disease relevance of CYCLIC CMP


High impact information on CYCLIC CMP


Biological context of CYCLIC CMP

  • These findings suggest that the depressed cyclic CMP phosphodiesterase activity (hence, the elevated cyclic CMP concentration) is perhaps a common factor in developing tissues undergoing rapid cell proliferation [3].
  • Cyclic CMP in concentrations between 0.35 to 1.5 mM progressively decreased the RNA labelling, and the values of the PCA soluble radioactivity again followed those of RNA [6].

Anatomical context of CYCLIC CMP


Associations of CYCLIC CMP with other chemical compounds

  • Incubation of ribonuclease with 0.1M mercaptoethanol at pH 8.5 can increase the enzyme's hydrolytic activity toward cytidine 2',3'-monophosphate (cyclic CMP) under standard assay conditions [2].
  • These findings suggest that depressed cyclic CMP phosphodiesterase may be in part related to cell proliferation, in line with reports that the regenerating liver has higher levels of cyclic CMP (Bloch, A. (1975) Adv. Cycli Nucleotide Res. 5, 331-338) and cytidylate cyclase (Cech, S. Y., and Ignarro, L.J. (1977) Science 198, 1063-1065) [9].

Gene context of CYCLIC CMP

  • Here a modified RIA protocol, in which the production of assay components has been optimized and a novel trilayer chromatography column separation introduced which successfully separates cyclic CMP from compounds, endogenous to living tissues, which cross-react with anti-cyclic CMP sera, is described [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CYCLIC CMP


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