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Chemical Compound Review

Aldrox     aluminum tetrahydrate

Synonyms: Pepsamar, Pepsitox, Algeldrato, Algeldratum, Hydrargillit, ...
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Disease relevance of Aldrox

  • The results provide reassurance that Aludrox does not promote colon cancer and tend to contradict the bile salt theory of colon carcinogenesis [1].
  • Double-blind comparison of an oxethazaine-antacid combination (Oxaine M) against the antacid alone (Aludrox) in the treatment of duodenal ulcer pain [2].
  • Six healthy male volunteers aged 20 to 28 years with a mean body weight of 68 +/- 8 kg received 40 mg muzolimine after a standardized breakfast without and with 1760 mg aluminium hydroxide (Aludrox) administered 10 min before breakfast [3].
  • The effect of Mucaine and Aludrox on basal and food stimulated immunoreactive gastrin has been assessed in normal control subjects and patients with duodenal or gastric ulcer [4].

High impact information on Aldrox


Chemical compound and disease context of Aldrox

  • After 1 year's observation, there were no significant differences between the groups of DMH-injected rats given drinking water with or without Aludrox in respect of survival, necropsy incidence of primary or metastatic colon cancer, or in the total number of colon tumours per group [1].


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