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Chemical Compound Review

potassium ethoxymethanedithioate     potassium ethoxymethanedithioate

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Disease relevance of ethoxymethanedithioic acid

  • Since all the viroids could be detected in NA liberated by PEX, the amount of NA extracted by the method described here is sufficient for detecting viroids, enabling the processing of a large number of samples [1].

High impact information on ethoxymethanedithioic acid

  • Pre-incubation of cells with the PC-PLC inhibitor tricyclodecan-9-yl potassium xanthate (D609), before PDGF-stimulation, not only reduced the enzyme activity in total cell lysates as well as in plasma membrane and nuclear fractions, but also blocked the mechanisms of PC-PLC subcellular redistribution [2].
  • The potassium xanthate D609 is widely accepted as a selective inhibitor of PC-specific phospholipase C (PC-PLC) [3].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eight H. pylori isolates, including the Sydney Strain SS1, three H. felis isolates, and one isolate each of H. hepaticus, H. bilis, H. mustelae, and H. rodentium, were screened for plasmid DNA using a novel method that includes a potassium xanthogenate-sodium dodecyl sulfate-phenol (XSP) buffer [4].
  • The kinetics of adsorption of the process of dyeing, using 10(-4) M of PEX in the pretreatment of the fabric, shows that increasing temperature of adsorption decrease the amount of colloidal dye adsorbed onto the fabric [5].
  • The zeta potential of the system fabric/surfactant shows that this parameter is negative (about -25 mV) for the untreated fiber and decreases in absolute value for increasing concentration of the surfactant on the fiber, the value of the zeta potential of the system being -5 mV for 10(-2) M of PEX [5].

Biological context of ethoxymethanedithioic acid


Associations of ethoxymethanedithioic acid with other chemical compounds


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