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Chemical Compound Review

Repidose     methyl N-[6-(phenylsulfinyl)-1H...

Synonyms: Systamex, Systemax, Synanthic, Oxfendazol, Oxfendazole, ...
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Disease relevance of Fenbendazole sulfoxide

  • Cyst fertility and parasite viability were measured following daily, weekly, and monthly treatment schedules with 30 mg of oxfendazole per kg of body weight [1].
  • If found safe in humans, oxfendazole may prove to be a useful and inexpensive treatment for cestode infections in humans [1].
  • This study suggests that a staggered dosing regimen of oxfendazole, and possibly other benzimidazoles, may be as efficacious as daily treatment regimens for hydatidosis while decreasing both the cost and adverse effects associated with daily dosing [1].
  • Effective, single-dose treatment or porcine cysticercosis with oxfendazole [2].
  • A single dose of 5 mg of praziquantel was given to eliminate intestinal taeniasis in humans, and two rounds of oxfendazole (30 mg/kg) were administered to all pigs [3].

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