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Gene Review

Mod2  -  malic enzyme complex, mitochondrial

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Cd243, Mdr, Mdr-1, Mod-2, Mod-2r, ...
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Disease relevance of Mod2

  • Mdr P-glycoproteins are not essential for biliary excretion of the hydrophobic heme precursor protoporphyrin in a griseofulvin-induced mouse model of erythropoietic protoporphyria [1].

High impact information on Mod2

  • Mdr1a(+/-)/1b(+/-) females were mated with Mdr1a(+/-)/1b(+/-) males to obtain fetuses of 3 genotypes (Mdr1a(+/+)/1b(+/+), Mdr1a(+/-)/1b(+/-), and Mdr 1a(-/-)/1b(-/-)) in a single mother [2].
  • A regulatory gene (Mdr-1), closely linked to Mod-2 on chromosome 7, determines the rate of mitochondrial malic enzyme synthesis in brain [3].
  • Thus we have unambiguously demonstrated that Mdr-1 is cis-active in its control of the expression of the Mod-2 structural gene [3].
  • Its linkage to Hbb and c places it in the same region of the chromosome as Mod-2, the structural gene for mitochondrial malic enzyme [4].
  • Genetic analysis has established that the locus controlling the amount of enzyme in brain (Mdr-1) is located on chromosome 7 [4].

Biological context of Mod2

  • Gene duplication, with and without the influence of X-inactivation, was achieved using a translocation that involves the insertion of a portion of Chr 7, including Mod-2, into the X, T(X;7)1Ct [5].
  • The deletion of the cBc mutation is anticipated to be large as the mutation has inactivated the Mod-2 locus 2 cM away, and an essential locus for post-implantation survival outside the c-Mod-2 interval, whereas the c2Bc mutation is viable and fertile in homozygotes [6].
  • Moreover, some loci (e.g., Fes and Mod-2) which are close to c in the mouse appear to be on human chromosomes other than 11 [7].
  • This includes many novel observations, including marked downregulation of Oats in kidney, as well as upregulation of many Mrp and Mdr family members in all three tissues [8].

Anatomical context of Mod2


Other interactions of Mod2

  • The deletion mapping of the 23.3 probe places the Emv-23 locus between c and Mod-2, just proximal to a region important for male fertility and juvenile fitness [9].


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