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Gene Review

S100a8  -  S100 calcium binding protein A8

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Calgranulin-A, MRP-8, Migration inhibitory factor-related protein 8, Mrp8, Protein S100-A8, ...
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Disease relevance of S100a8

  • Calcium-binding proteins MRP 8 and 14 in a Staphylococcus aureus infection model: role of therapy, inflammation, and infection persistence [1].
  • LPS-induced overexpression of p8 mRNA in vivo confirmed the adverse effect of endotoxemia on pancreas and its overexpression in vitro demonstrated a direct interaction of LPS with pancreatic cells [2].

High impact information on S100a8

  • On the other hand, the levels of a 10.1-kDa and a 13.0-kDa protein, identified as migration inhibitory factor-related proteins (MRP), MRP-8 and MRP-14, respectively, began to increase from an early stage of acute rejection [3].
  • The energy-dependent cyclic nucleotide cellular efflux is operative in numerous eukaryotic cells and could be mediated by multidrug resistance proteins MRP4, MRP5, and MRP8 [4].
  • The predicted amino acid sequence of rat MRP8 and MRP14 is 60-80% identical with that from human and mouse [5].
  • Half of the infected rats were depleted of neutrophils; these rats exhibited significantly lower MRP 8/14 concentrations on all days sampled, regardless of the level of infection [1].
  • In abscess fluid, interleukin-6, as a representative marker of inflammation, correlated with MRP8/14, whereas ionized calcium and zinc did not [1].

Biological context of S100a8


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of S100a8

  • Using commercial and developed enzyme immunoassays, we assayed for MRP8/14 in sterile-filtered abscess fluid from tissue-cage-implanted rats and rabbits [1].
  • Thirty-day-old abscesses with log 6 bacterial counts and low neutrophil counts showed low concentrations of MRP 8/14 in these models [1].
  • In AR4-2J cells, basal p8 mRNA expression was very low and increased in a time- and dose-dependent manner after treatment with LPS [2].
  • In vitro, pancreatic acinar AR4-2J cells were cultivated with 0.1, 1, or 10 micrograms/ml LPS for 6, 12, or 24 h. p8 mRNA expression was monitored by Northern blotting [2].


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