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Gene Review

CLK2  -  CDC-like kinase 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Dual specificity protein kinase CLK2, clk2
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Disease relevance of CLK2


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Biological context of CLK2


Anatomical context of CLK2

  • RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: In our dataset, GUSB and CLK2 were the best choices as reference genes for EBV-LCLs and fibroblasts, respectively [8].

Associations of CLK2 with chemical compounds

  • Our results indicate that persistent repair intermediates and/or single-stranded DNA formed during repair of misincorporated uracil are tolerated in the absence of the CLK-2 checkpoint in C. elegans [6].

Other interactions of CLK2

  • In this study, we demonstrate that the human Clk2 and Clk3 (hClk2 and 3) are also found within the nucleus and display dual-specificity kinase activity [9].


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