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Gene Review

Ovgs1  -  miscRNA

Onyong-nyong virus

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Disease relevance of Ovgs1

  • The mRNA coding for the structural proteins of Semliki Forest virus, the 26S RNA, was injected into Xenopus oocytes [1].
  • One protein which comigrated with viral capsid protein was labeled under the direction of 26S RNA, and only one labeled peptide was detected after digestion with trypsin [2].
  • Most of the oligonucleotides were identical to those found in the mRNA (26S RNA) that codes for the virion structural proteins [3].
  • The 26S RNA-defective mutants of Sindbis virus were from two different complementation groups, A and G, indicating that functions of two viral nonstructural proteins ("A" and "G") are required in the regulation of the synthesis of 26S RNA [4].
  • The 26S RNA encodes a 1,324-amino-acid polyprotein exhibiting typical alphavirus structural protein organization [5].

High impact information on Ovgs1


Biological context of Ovgs1

  • The synthesis of viral 42S RNA, which corresponds to the viral genome, was markedly inhibited, while the synthesis of viral 26S RNA, which acts as a messenger for viral structural proteins, was reduced much less or not at all [9].
  • Studies using formyl--e135S]methionyl-tRNAf as precursor, and using diphtheria toxin and NAD to inhibit elongation, showed that 26S RNA contains only a single initiation site at, or near, the 5' end of the core protein cistron [10].

Anatomical context of Ovgs1

  • The SFV 42S RNA and the intracellular 26S RNA have been translated in a prokaryotic cell-free system, the E. coli S30 [11].
  • These structures, however, fulfilled the criteria of initiation complexes suggesting that there were more than one ribosome attached to each 42S RNA under conditions where 26S RNA bound only one [12].

Associations of Ovgs1 with chemical compounds

  • The decreased total viral RNA synthesis and the ratio of 42S to 26S RNA were rapidly returned to normal by adding spermidine to the culture medium [9].
  • After analysis on sucrose gradients the polysomal structures, containing prelabelled RNA and nascent peptide chains labelled with [35S]methionine, had sedimentation values from 100 to 200S in the case of 26S RNA and from 150 to over 250S with 42S RNA [12].


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