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Gene Review

Itm2a  -  integral membrane protein 2A

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AW108051, Bricd2a, E25, Integral membrane protein 2A, Itm2, ...
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High impact information on Itm2a

  • The mouse E25 gene locus (Itm2) was mapped to the X chromosome [1].
  • MMP-13 expression was restricted to chondrocytes of the lower zone of hypertrophic cartilage also expressing collagen type X. In osteoblasts involved in endochondral and intramembranous ossification Itm2a was not present [2].
  • In areas undergoing endochondral ossification Itm2a expression was found in chondrocytes of the resting and the proliferating zones [2].
  • During embryonic development expression of Itm2a and ALP was detectable at midgestation (11.5 days postcoitum [dpc]) and increased up to 16.5 dpc [2].
  • The Itm2a gene contains six exons and five introns [3].

Biological context of Itm2a


Anatomical context of Itm2a

  • Targeting via the anti-fibronectin antibody and anti-endothelial antiserum provided maximal quantitative binding of glucose oxidase to endothelial cells, while the conjugates with MoAb E25 and MoAb E78 monoclonal antibodies provided less effective binding [5].

Associations of Itm2a with chemical compounds

  • Though the quantitative binding of MoAb E25-conjugated glucose oxidase was minimal comparing to other conjugates, targeting via MoAb E25 produced the maximal cytotoxic effect as well as targeting via polyclonal antiserum [5].

Regulatory relationships of Itm2a


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