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Gene Review

chs-1  -  Protein CHS-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on chs-1

  • Chitin deposition in these two sites is likely regulated by the activities of chs-1 (T25G3.2) and chs-2 (F48A11.1), respectively [1].
  • Reducing chs-1 gene activity by RNAi led to eggs that were fragile and permeable to small molecules, and in the most severe case, absence of embryonic cell division [1].
  • The chitin synthase genes chs-1 and chs-2 are essential for C. elegans development and responsible for chitin deposition in the eggshell and pharynx, respectively [1].
  • Polyclonal antibodies were raised against a peptide expressed from a recombinant cDNA fragment of Bm-chs-1; immunostaining detected CHS protein in oocytes and early to midstage embryos [2].
  • The full genomic and cDNA sequences were obtained for the B. malayi chs gene (Bm-chs-1); the predicted amino acid sequence is highly similar, over a large region, to two CHS sequences of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and also to two insect CHS sequences [2].

Biological context of chs-1

  • These studies also demonstrate that chitin synthesis may not be restricted to eggshell formation in nematodes, as the Bm-chs-1 gene is transcribed in life cycle stages other than adult females [2].
  • By screening a BAC library of genomic DNA from T. castaneum (Tc) with a DNA probe encoding the catalytic domain of a putative Tribolium CHS, several clones that contained CHS genes were identified [3].

Anatomical context of chs-1


Associations of chs-1 with chemical compounds

  • The final step of incorporation of GlcNAc into the chitin polymer is catalyzed by the enzyme chitin synthase [CS] [4].
  • The polyoxins and other structurally-related antibiotics like nikkomycins are strong competitive inhibitors of the polymerizing enzyme chitin synthase [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of chs-1

  • Fragments of putative chitin synthase (chs) genes from two filarial species (Brugia malayi and Dirofilaria immitis) were amplified by PCR using degenerate primers [2].
  • RT-PCR analysis shows CS message in whole non-blood-fed females, whole blood-fed females, non-blood-fed midguts and in midguts dissected at different time points post-blood-feeding [4].


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