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Gene Review

nuc-1  -  Protein NUC-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disease relevance of nuc-1


High impact information on nuc-1


Biological context of nuc-1


Anatomical context of nuc-1

  • F2-P3E3 staining is present within LMP-1::GFP labeled organelles in the intestinal primordium and is coincident with persistent DNA that has been phagocytosed in nuc-1(-) embryos, suggesting that it labels phagosomes [8].
  • As expected, expression of a dnase II-RNAi construct in flies resulted in a dramatic reduction of DNase II activity and a significant decrease in total hemocyte numbers [9].

Other interactions of nuc-1

  • Subsequent analysis of crude C. elegans protein extracts revealed that wild-type animals contained a potent endonuclease activity with a cleavage preference similar to DNase II, while nuc-1 mutant worms demonstrated a marked reduction in this nuclease activity [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nuc-1

  • Sequence analysis of C07B5.5 DNA and mRNA also revealed that nuc-1(e1392), but not wild-type animals contained a nonsense mutation within the CO7B5.5 coding region [5].
  • In this report, we describe the molecular cloning and characterization of DLAD, a novel mammalian deoxy-ribonuclease homologous to DNase II [10].


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