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Gene Review

Rax  -  retina and anterior neural fold homeobox

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 7530406A22Rik, E130303K03Rik, Retina and anterior neural fold homeobox protein, Retinal homeobox protein Rx, Rx, ...
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Disease relevance of Rax

  • Cre-mediated conversion of Rx(flox) generates the RxDelta2 allele, which, when homozygous, results in an Rx-null phenotype that includes perinatal lethality, anophthalmia, and anterior neural and craniofacial defects [1].

High impact information on Rax

  • Consistent with the loss-of-function results, the injection of Xvax1 results in a down-regulation of Rx [2].
  • The predicted amino acid sequence of Rax comprises a protein with a paired-type homeobox, as well as the octapeptide that is found in many paired-type homeobox genes [3].
  • Specification of the retinal fate of mouse embryonic stem cells by ectopic expression of Rx/rax, a homeobox gene [4].
  • Based on findings that mutations in the Rx/Rax homeobox genes in mice and fish lead to defects in retinal development and result in animal models of anophthalmia, we screened 75 individuals with anophthalmia and/or microphthalmia for mutations in the human RAX gene [5].
  • EnRaxLDeltaC, but not the dominant negative Rax (EnRaxDeltaC), caused a significant reduction in expression of early markers of photoreceptor cells [6].

Biological context of Rax

  • In contrast, in homozygous Small eye embryos that lack Pax6 function, Rx shows normal activation in the anterior neural plate and normal upregulation in the optic vesicle/retinal progenitor cells [7].
  • Rx-null homozygotes lack optic pits, which are the earliest ocular structures [1].
  • The 5' upstream regulatory sequences of the medaka fish Rx gene are functionally conserved during evolution to a degree that they direct gene expression into the Rx-expressing field of cells in mice [8].
  • Since resiniferatoxin is a poor activator of PKC, it is probable that the Ca2(+)-independent Rx-kinase plays a role in activation of the macrophage respiratory burst following stimulation by zymosan [9].
  • Investigation of the tissue distribution of the calcium independent kinase, Rx kinase; which is distinct from known isozymes of protein kinase C [10].

Anatomical context of Rax


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