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Gene Review

Alx4  -  aristaless-like homeobox 4

Mus musculus

Synonyms: ALX-4, Aristaless-like 4, Homeobox protein aristaless-like 4, lst
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Disease relevance of Alx4


High impact information on Alx4

  • Haploinsufficiency of ALX4 as a potential cause of parietal foramina in the 11p11.2 contiguous gene-deletion syndrome [3].
  • We have studied the impact of Tbx15, Gli3, Alx4 and related genes on formation of the skeletal elements of the mouse shoulder and pelvic girdles [4].
  • Alx3/Alx4 double mutant newborn mice have cleft nasal regions [1].
  • Our data suggest the existence of a negative feedback loop between Alx-4 and Shh during vertebrate limb outgrowth [5].
  • Chick Alx-4 displays an expression pattern complementary to that of shh, a mediator of polarizing activity in the limb bud [5].

Biological context of Alx4

  • Haploinsufficient phenotypes in Bmp4 heterozygous null mice and modification by mutations in Gli3 and Alx4 [6].
  • To better understand how Alx4 functions in the pathways that regulate AP-patterning, we also studied genomic regulatory sequences that are capable of directing expression of a reporter gene in a pattern corresponding to endogenous Alx4 expression in anterior limb bud mesenchyme [7].
  • Our observations suggest that Alx4 and Msx2 are partially functionally redundant, acting within a network of transcription factors and signalling events that regulate the rate of osteogenic proliferation and differentiation at a stage after the commitment of mesenchymal stem cells to osteogenesis [8].
  • This interaction is mediated through a specific proline-rich domain in the N-terminal region of Alx4 and requires the DNA-binding domain (HMG-box) of LEF-1 [9].
  • Progression of calvarial bone development requires Foxc1 regulation of Msx2 and Alx4 [10].

Anatomical context of Alx4


Associations of Alx4 with chemical compounds

  • Here we compare and contrast the DNA binding properties of a glutamine 50 paired homeodomain protein, Alx4, and a lysine 50 paired homeodomain protein, Goosecoid [14].

Physical interactions of Alx4

  • We determined previously that the mesenchymally restricted, paired-like homeodomain protein Aristaless-like 4 (Alx4) interacts with Lef1 and together alters promoter activity of candidate genes [15].

Regulatory relationships of Alx4


Other interactions of Alx4

  • Prior to this defect, both Alx3 and Alx4 were specifically down regulated in the most ventral part of the primary body wall in Hoxb4(PolII) mutants [17].
  • We observed, as expected for authentic Alx4 expression, expansion of reporter construct expression in a Shh-/- background [7].
  • The role of the aristaless-related homeobox gene Alx4 in antero-posterior (AP-) patterning of the developing vertebrate limb has remained somewhat elusive [7].
  • In this study, we have localized the ossification defect in ch mutants to the calvarial mesenchyme, which lacks the expression of transcription factors Msx2 and Alx4 [10].
  • We also show that BMP-induced expression of Msx2 and Alx4 requires Foxc1 [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Alx4


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