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Gene Review

PCLO  -  piccolo presynaptic cytomatrix protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ACZ, Aczonin, DKFZp779G1236, KIAA0559, Protein piccolo
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Disease relevance of PCLO


Psychiatry related information on PCLO


High impact information on PCLO

  • Munc13, Rim, Bassoon and Piccolo/Aczonin are recently identified presynaptic cytomatrix proteins [4].
  • Duration of diabetes, Hb, MABP, serum glucose concentration, and GHb did not correlate with the percentage of post-ACZ global CBF changes, and did not differ among the 6 poor ACZ responders and the other diabetic patients or control subjects [5].
  • Characterization of the PCLO gene reveals the presence of 25 coding exons spread over 380kb of genomic DNA [1].
  • DLX6 and Piccolo (PCLO) at 7q21-q22 are two positional and functional candidate genes in autism [3].

Biological context of PCLO


Associations of PCLO with chemical compounds

  • After ACZ administration, CBF and CBV increased significantly in both the cortex and white matter of affected subjects, but the increase in absolute CBF was lower within areas of increased signal on T2-weighted images in patients than in the white matter of control subjects [2].


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