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Autistic Disorder

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Biological context of Autistic Disorder


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Gene context of Autistic Disorder

  • GFAP levels in children with infantile autism were higher than those in normal children of the same age range [29].
  • Six previous family-based association studies of SLC6A4 in autistic disorder have been conducted, with four studies showing nominally significant transmission disequilibrium and two studies with no evidence of nominally significant transmission disequilibrium [30].
  • Children with large RELN alleles did not show any difference in scores for questions related to the core symptoms of autistic disorder, but there was a tendency for children with at least one large RELN allele to have an earlier age at first phrase (chi(2) = 3.538, P = 0.06) [31].
  • Mutation analysis of the coding sequence of the MECP2 gene in infantile autism [32].
  • No association between the WNT2 gene and autistic disorder [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Autistic Disorder


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