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Gene Review

DX  -  dwarfism

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of DX


High impact information on DX

  • Mutations in the limbin gene previously associated with dwarfism in Japanese brown cattle are not responsible for dwarfism in the American Angus breed [6].
  • Congenital joint laxity and dwarfism in calves [7].
  • The numerous morphological apomorphies of Myotragus, most strikingly its dwarfism, frontal eyes, and ever-growing incisors, obscure its phylogenetic relationships with extant bovids [8].
  • In summary, a novel phenotype for Laron dwarfism in Bos indicus cattle was associated with underexpression of GHR 1A mRNA, but not other GHR mRNA variants in liver [9].
  • Three calves from a herd of beef cattle were examined because of disproportionate dwarfism and excessive extension of metacarpophalangeal and metatarsophalangeal joints [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of DX


Biological context of DX


Anatomical context of DX


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