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Gene Review

NT5E  -  5'-nucleotidase, ecto (CD73)

Bos taurus

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NT5E

  • Bovine serum in NT or NTE buffers produced a thermostabilizing effect at 37 C not provided by the same serum concentration in complex cell culture media [3].
  • The liver lesion produced by the oral administration of chloroform is similar in the three species and is accompanied by the release of 5'-NT into the plasma of the sheep and calf but not of the horse [9].
  • Bovine liver ecto 5'-nucleotidase was solubilized by PIPLC, purified to a homogeneous state, and analyzed for the structures of GPI-anchor isoforms by HPLC and ESI-MS in combination with glycosidase treatments, after peptide-bond cleavage by CNBr or trypsin [10].
  • 0. High-performance liquid chromatography analysis reveals that the ecto-enzyme hydrolyzes epsilon-(ApnA) to give epsilon-adenosine-5'(n-1)-phosphate and epsilon-AMP, which are then further catabolized up to epsilon-adenosine via the membrane-bound nucleotidase system ecto-ATPase, ecto-ADPase (or apyrase), and ecto-5'-nucleotidase [11].


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