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Gene Review

myog  -  myogenin

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, cb553, zgc:100763
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High impact information on myog

  • Characterization of a muscle-specific enhancer in human MuSK promoter reveals the essential role of myogenin in controlling activity-dependent gene regulation [1].
  • DEAB reduces expression of the myogenic markers myoD and myogenin in somites, whereas RA induces increased expression of these genes and strongly induces premature myoD expression in the presomitic mesoderm (psm) [2].
  • Moreover, analyses of MRFs, MSP, and IGFs in the knock-down embryos by RT-PCR revealed the up-regulation of MyoD, Myogenin, and Mck transcription, whereas IGF-2 transcription showed mild response with no effect on IGF-1, Desmin, and Myf5 [3].
  • At the end of 10 wk of training, heart and axial muscle showed increased expression of the muscle growth factor myogenin and proliferating cell nuclear antigen, but there were major differences between cardiac and axial muscle [4].
  • The genes encoding Myf-5 and MyoD were switched on first in the unsegmented mesoderm, followed by myogenin as the somites developed [5].

Biological context of myog


Anatomical context of myog


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