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Gene Review

Tig  -  Tiggrin

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG11527, CT36389, Dmel\CG11527, TIG, tig
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High impact information on Tig


Biological context of Tig


Anatomical context of Tig

  • We report the biochemical purification and cloning of tiggrin, a novel extracellular matrix protein from Drosophila [2].
  • Immune induction has been shown for three of the latter, namely Tiggrin and two unknown proteins (GC15825 and CG15293) that we now propose function in hemolymph clotting [3].
  • Next, we genetically manipulated the fate of the muscles and the epidermal muscle attachment cells, which demonstrated that muscles have the primary role in recruiting tiggrin to the tendon matrix and that cell-cell contact is necessary for this recruitment [4].
  • Thus we propose that the inherent polarity of the muscle cells leads to a molecular specialization of their ends, and interactions between the ends produces an integrin-independent tiggrin receptor [4].

Associations of Tig with chemical compounds

  • We have examined this by testing whether the PS2 integrin can recruit tiggrin to ectopic locations within the Drosophila embryo [4].

Other interactions of Tig

  • Previous work has shown that the PS integrins are not required for tiggrin localization, suggesting that there is redundancy among tiggrin receptors [4].
  • Splice variants of the Drosophila PS2 integrins differentially interact with RGD-containing fragments of the extracellular proteins tiggrin, ten-m, and D-laminin 2 [5].


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