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Gene Review

MTX3  -  metaxin 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Metaxin-3
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High impact information on MTX3

  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: Treatment consisted of two cycles of MBVP (MTX 3 g/m2 days 1 and 15, teniposide 100 mg/m2 days 2 and 3, carmustine 100 mg/m2 day 4, methylprednisolone 60 mg/m2 days 1 to 5, and two intrathecal injections of MTX 15 mg, cytarabine 40 mg, and hydrocortisone 25 mg) followed by 40 Gy of RT [1].
  • RESULTS: At week 54, the median percentage of American College of Rheumatology improvement (ACR-N) was higher for the MTX-3 mg/kg infliximab and MTX-6 mg/kg infliximab groups than for the MTX-placebo group (38.9% and 46.7% versus 26.4%, respectively; P < 0.001 for both comparisons) [2].
  • Patients in the MTX-3 mg/kg infliximab and MTX-6 mg/kg infliximab groups also showed less radiographic progression than those receiving MTX alone (mean +/- SD changes in van der Heijde modification of the total Sharp score at week 54: 0.4 +/- 5.8 and 0.5 +/- 5.6 versus 3.7 +/- 9.6, respectively; P < 0.001 for each comparison) [2].
  • Thirteen patients (1996-1999; median age 54 years) received two courses of vincristine 1.4 mg/m2 day 1, MTX 3 g/m2 days 3 and 10 and procarbazine 100 mg/m2 days 1-14 every 4 weeks [3].
  • We have studied the tumorigenicity of a CCRF-CEM-derived cell line (CEM/MTX-3) resistant to MTX [4].

Biological context of MTX3

  • Although biochemical mechanisms are not yet delineated, this remodeled chromosome could be related to the loss of tumorigenicity in CEM/MTX-3 cells [4].
  • At 6 weeks of gestation, she took 2.5 mg of MTX 3 times a day for 7 days [5].

Anatomical context of MTX3

  • Cytogenetic analysis revealed that the CEM/MTX-3 karyotype contained a unique and complex translocation marker chromosome that was not observed in the CEM cell line and which involved chromosomal breakpoints at bands 11p14, 22p11, and 22p13 [4].

Associations of MTX3 with chemical compounds

  • Because tumorigenicity could have been related to intracellular folate levels, we cultured CEM and CEM/MTX-3 cells in folate-rich and folate-deprived media [4].
  • Instead, the resistance in CEM/MTX-3 cells appeared to be due largely to decreased methotrexate accumulation [4].

Other interactions of MTX3


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